Automatic Cassette Detecting System

Automated Visual Biopsy Capturing / Tracking

Pathology laboratories deal with thousands of biopsies every day. Documenting their preparation is a time-consuming task and requires proper tools, which are normally not integrated into the process. The revolutionary C-Scan option for MacroPATH effortlessly enhances specimen traceability.

  • Visual matching of the specimen uniquely linked to the cassette ID

C-Scan Workflow



The C-Scan option for MacroPATH enables effortless operation as it is always ready to use.

When receiving biopsies at grossing, the operator only needs to activate C-Scan through the dedicated icon and place the cassette under the laser beam.


C-Scan instantly reads the cassette’s code and associates the taken picture with the case ID folder.

The direct and error-free association between the cassette’s code, visual match, and its case ID leads to superior traceability.

Superior Traceability

When combined with the HistoDream TS, tracking system, C-Scan empowers Histotechs to visually match grossed specimens to processed specimens before embedding. This is done by retrieving the digitized images of each cassette taken at the time of grossing and comparing those images to the cassette at the time of embedding. Detection of mismatched number, size or type of specimens before embedding allows for early corrective actions.


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