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Auto-Embedding All-In-One with Rapid Tissue Processing

Milestone has developed Synergy, a revolutionary patented rack system which automatically embeds tissues as part of processing protocols. It is the perfect partner to Milestone’s rapid tissue processors: MAGNUS, Pathos DELTA and LOGOS.

Auto-embedding addresses chronic staffing shortages by allowing users to bypass the time consuming task of manually embedding small biopsies. With Milestone’s auto-embedding racks, there is no need to purchase a standalone auto-embedding instrument and manually transfer cassettes, nor to take up precious real estate with additional bulky instrumentation.

This system reduces the potential for errors during manual procedures, eliminating the need for time-consuming re-embedding. All of this accomplishes streamlined workflows that benefit everyone, from the Pathologist to the patient.

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Why Auto-Embedding?

  • Overcome staffing shortages
  • Reduce operational costs and increase efficiency
  • Cope with reimbursement cuts
  • Save over $100,000 in 10 years
  • Achieve a stress-free workflow
  • Combine automated processing with automated embedding

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