How Milestone can help you fight COVID-19

Containment and investigation

The critical importance of laboratory instrumentation that provides state-of-the-art results but also ensures total operator safety and protection has (unfortunately) become very obvious in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our product portfolio offers a whole range of instruments that fulfill this need for first class equipment.

For Operating Rooms


Since 2006 formaldehyde was declared a carcinogenic and mutagenic, medical personnel from OR to pathology departments are at high risk of exposure. UltraSAFE buckets with biospecimens are automatically filled with formalin immediately after the surgical excision. This allows for total operator safety, assuring a formalin-free OR environment.

  • Eliminates exposure of medical personnel to formalin and potentially infectious tissues
  • Unique built-in sealing valve in the lid prevents escape of formalin fumes
  • Automatic formalin dispensing according to biospecimen weight



For Autopsic Rooms


Much knowledge has been gained about the new virus through autopsies of victims. The MacroView DM builds on our over 20 years of digital imaging experience to dramatically improve the standardization and documentation of pathology procedures.

  • See, capture and store images for areas of interest
  • Edit images with annotation in the convenience of the pathologist’s office
  • Automatic storage of images in conjuction with case ID number



For Pathology Laboratories


All-in-one grossing workstation, incorporating state-of-the-art tools. Highly efficient ventilation system together with protective shields increase operators’ protection against biological threats.

  • Ergonomic, mobile grossing workstation
  • Built-in macro digital imaging system for full documentation
  • Unique exhaust technology to protect operators from biological threats and hazards




Accurate control of the preanalytical process is a prerequisite for a precise and consistent diagnosis. 

  • Full control: designed to standardize, optimize and document the fixation process
  • Eliminates potential hazardous contamination of specimen in automatic tissue processor
  • Easy to use and highly flexible due to small size



Antimicrobial Powder Coating

In order to protect operators against the proliferation of microbes in the OR and AP and help keep a safe working environment, all Milestone products (with a few exceptions, listed below*) are now coated with new antimicrobial powder paints.

The innovative Bacteri Ag antimicrobial technology uses silver ions (Ag +) to inhibit the growth and transmission of microbes on powder coated surfaces. Silver ions are slowly released via an ion exchange mechanism.

Biomedical research has shown that no pathogenic organism can live for more than a few minutes in the presence of a trace of nanometric particles of metallic silver, while they have no toxic effects on human cells.

The antimicrobial powder coating guarantees the utmost anti-microbial efficacy (reduction of bacterial activity, greater than 99.9%) against the most popular microorganisms such as Gram-positive bacteria, i.e. Staphylococcus aureus NBRC12732, and Gram-negative bacteria, i.e. Escherichia coli NBRC3972.
Antimicrobial tests were carried out by the analysis laboratories according to the Japanese standard JIS Z2801-2010, corresponding to the international standard ISO 22196: 2007.

The antimicrobial paint provides temperature stability and excellent color retention. It is durable and capable of providing maximum protection over an extended period of time.

* All Milestone units, with the exception of HistoDream EW, KOS and MacroPATH Point-of-Care (POC) control terminals, are painted with the new antimicrobial powder coating.