True “Lean” Lab

Milestone is willing to help you building your “True Lean Lab

«Efficient tools and motivated personnel are the key for a continuous and systematic improvement, which is the final Lean principle».

Milestone offers different solutions to simplify all the processes starting from the specimen arrival to the lab, when dealing with accessioning and documentation, passing through frozen sections for urgent biopsies, decalcification of bone marrow, tissue processing and the final storage.

With the Milestone’s Lean Approach you will be able to:

  • Maximise the value of your procedure
  • Minimise the necessary steps
  • Eliminate unnecessary processes

The “True Lean Lab” for Frozen Samples & Bone Marrows


«Frozen sections are one of the most important and difficult procedures a pathologist performs during his practice”, Prof. Rosai said.

Frozen samples like Bone Marrows are fragile tissues that deserve to be treated in a optimal manner, following a dedicated path: Milestone True Lean Lab is ready  to start at any time with no interference to the routine workflow. It grants a safe and efficient procedure, hence producing reliable results for the sake of a prompt diagnosis to patients are waiting for!

The “True Lean Lab” for Surgical Samples


The Milestone way is significantly different: we do emphasize small batch processing <50 cassette per run, instead the old-fashioned way of large quantity of cassette. Larger loads determine an inefficient lab and must be avoided or limited to OverNight run only.

This is the first step to start from to maximise your throughputeliminate peaks and bottlenecks facilitating the continuous slide preparation and cases’ sign out.

Moreover, with a daily number of samples evenly distributed, the personnel shifts can be better organized and, with Synergy appliance, the embedding step skipped.


The “True Lean Lab” for Small samples and Needle biopsies


The best histology workflow consists in processing Small biopsies immediately, sequentially and in the shortest time possible. Optimal schedule does not include start and stop but it’s a never-ending processing, feeding the workload with continuous small batches of samples.

These key principles lead to a successful Lean workload, reducing the turnaround time, thus resulting in a Lab capable to report as Same Day Diagnosis any biopsies type, even breast biopsies.

If Synergy Auto embedding appliance is used, tissues go straight to cold plate as the embedding step is totally skipped!




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