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17/12/2020 Latest news


Milestone’s game-changing innovation, MAGNUS, is a rapid, automatic tissue processor. The goal? Enhanced throughput, which it achieves with dual robotic arms that simultaneously perform two crucial steps in biospecimen histological preparation: tissue processing and embedding.

Empowered by Milestone’s Synergy, an auto-embedding rack system with dedicated molds and pads, batches of small biopsies can be processed and embedded in as little as 90 minutes. MAGNUS automatically detects when a Synergy rack is loaded into one of the two retorts and selects the auto-embedding processing programs. As the cassette rack automatically moves to the wax retort, a new rack can be loaded in the first retort and a new program started. With continuous, rapid processing cycles, MAGNUS works within lean laboratory principles.

MAGNUS’ built-in auto-embedding system reduces the potential for errors during manual embedding, which eliminates the need for time-consuming re-embedding, facilitating a more streamlined workflow that benefits everyone from pathologist to patient.

The MAGNUS tissue processor is not only an effective solution for increasing productivity, efficiency, and patient safety – it also dramatically reduces costs by reducing reagent consumption and avoiding the need for cleaning cycles. MAGNUS is lean and safe by design; processing does not require paraffin transfers, saving time and potential blockages, and xylene-free operation allows long paraffin reuse. Additionally, its integral reagent sensors check alcohol purity before every step.

By combining MAGNUS with Milestone’s auto-embedding method, Synergy, they fulfill the need to optimize the laboratory workflow, offering flexibility, speed, and high throughput – crucially, without compromising on quality or safety.

This is true automation – simple, immediate, and stress-free.


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