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21/01/2020 Latest news


In 2006, formaldehyde was declared carcinogenic and mutagenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Despite this, in today’s labs and operating rooms, formaldehyde remains the standard fixative for collecting and storing biospecimens, exposing personnel to high levels of formaldehyde fumes. It has become crucial for hospitals and clinics to adopt precautions to ensure the safety of their personnel.




The “Zero Formalin Exposure” concept by Milestone revolutionizes personnel safety with the elimination of formaldehyde fumes in the operating room and histology lab, creating a healthier working environment. UltraSAFE is Milestone’s solution to formaldehyde reclassification, allowing users to continue using formalin in a safe manner. Using a unique, patented technology, buckets are automatically filled with formalin in an enclosed and vented chamber in the “dirty room,” preserving the biospecimen in fixative following the surgical excision.

UltraSAFE buckets are available in four standard sizes; 1, 3, 5, and 10 liters. All buckets have, built into the lid, an exclusive quadricuspid valve. This valve is specifically designed to prevent the escape of formalin fumes during operation and, at the same time, allows for formalin dispensing using UltraSAFE’s automatic filling. An additional cap attached to the valve seals the bucket for extra safety during transportation. On the bucket’s lid, a unique 2D barcode ensures biospecimen traceability. The UltraSAFE software can be used to associate this 2D barcode with the biospecimen ID number for full patient safety.

This allows for total operator safety, assures zero formalin exposure, and fulfills OSHA guidelines.

UltraSAFE is invaluable. It is an effective and immediate solution that addresses and eliminates formalin exposure for both histology and surgical personnel.


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