Telepathology Project in Luxembourg

12/12/2018 Case studies

Milestone philosophy of helping patients is fully realized when our products effectively help pathologists to provide a more accurate and prompt diagnosis. A very good example is the implementation of digital pathology in the Laboratoire National de Santé (LNS), one of the most important public health laboratories in Luxembourg.

A close cooperation with Dr. Fernando Schmitt, leader of this telepathology project, enabled us to understand his needs and provide him with a pilot solution. So pathologists and specialists in the central pathology lab can have a live view of the specimens at the Operation Rooms of several hospitals in their country.

In fact, our MacroPATH system is installed on a WorkStation at the hospital Operation Room that is connected to their LIS network, thus allowing the pathologist to remotely guide the specialists to select the right tissue portion, which will be then used for making a rapid, high quality frozen section with the PrestoCHILL system. The slides produced are then digitally scanned and the final diagnosis is done in suitable time to provide support to surgeons during the operation.

A local television reportage has shown this project applied in the first hospital as a pilot study and very soon also all the other hospitals in the region will be equipped with the same technology too.

Watch Video Reportage:

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