The new Benchmark in Grossing

Next generation grossing

Grossing is one of the pillar steps in the specimen preparation toward pathology diagnosis. Over the years, traditional grossing stations have been incrementally improved, but never offered a breakthrough approach to this pivotal step.

UltraGROSS opens a new era of the grossing devices: for the first time ever the grossing station becomes a scientific tool. With the UltraGROSS, the pathologist generates full documentation and ensures complete traceability of the grossing, maintaining intact the chain of custody. This new scientific tool incorporates several innovations that have a direct impact on the laboratory and its workflow:

  • Enhanced user safety
  • Tailor-made modularity
  • Optimal ergonomics
  • Macro digital documentation
  • Smart user interface
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Why UltraGROSS?

    UltraGROSS offers a formalin-free working area via a horizontally sliding safety shield with a 30Åã angled front in combination with the powerful downdraft and backdraft exhaust. Bio-decontamination function available to sterilize the working surface through a dedicated solution with germicidal and virucidal efficacy.
    The UltraGROSS is designed around your todays and future routine. Stainless-steel modules can be moved across the entire basin without the need of service engineer. Each operator can easily change the set up of his working area, placing the modules in the desired position. A single basin is placed underneath and can be used for the cleaning of extremely large samples.
    MacroPATH, the most advanced macro digital tool, enables the operator to fully track the grossing procedure to enhance patient safety.
    The height of working area can be easily adjust via the user interface. Mobility is ensured thanks to the sturdy casters with safety blocks. Fast connections available for water, power, exhaust, and Ethernet.
    All the parameters are always available via the smart touch screen terminal. Additional files, such as SOPs, grossing guidelines of AAPA and tutorial training videos can be quickly uploaded via USB.

Four editions to match your need

Choosing the right configuration for your requirements is easy. For your convenience, four UltraGROSS editions have already been set up to cover the majority of lab requirements. Each one carries the name of a famous pathologist, as a recognition to their contribute to the art of grossing.




Total length 150 cm
Total length 180 cm
Mobility of the accessories in the working area
Setup for two operators
Digital Documentation
Spent fixative
Fresh fixative
Keyboard and monitor support
Connection to LIS
Connection to MileWATCH

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