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Fully automated innovative tissue processor
designed for reliability and unmatched tissue quality.
Allows batch and continuous flow operations


The first all-in-one rapid tissue processor.
Highly adaptable to customized workflow streams



1. Reduced number of processing steps
The Logos One carries out rapid protocols only with 1 step of ethanol and 1 step of isopropanol, thanks to its advanced retort heating system.

2. Fast ramp time and precise temperature control
The resistive heating elements, built in the aluminium retort walls, ensure a fast and homogeneous temperature increase of the reagents to the pre-set processing values.

3. Rapid and optimal reagent diffusion
The diffusion of the reagent is guaranteed by a highly efficient magnetic stirrer bar at the bottom of the retort, ensuring an optimal flow through all of the cassettes of each rack level.
The LOGOS ONE unique features

The LOGOS ONE unique features

  • Only two processing steps (1 ethanol and 1 isopropanol)
  • Fully automated processing in overnight and in rapid mode
  • Parallel processing in continuous flexible-size batch mode
  • Up to 140 cassettes with 1 gallon standard reagent containers
  • Up to 210/300 cassettes with 5 liter reagent containers
  • Any type of tissue can be processed, up to 10 mm of thickness
  • Xylene or xylene-free protocols

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Unmatched processing times

Enables same-day diagnosis with a flexible and adaptable fast processing schedule

Specimen thicknessRapid and fully automated protocolsImproved workflow with sequential processing in continuous batch mode
1 mm
(i.e. GI/Endoscopic biopsies)
Full batch* processed in 2 h 10 minutes
(excluding fixation)
Batch* loading every 1 h 47 minutes
3 mm Full batch* processed in 3 h 34 minutes
(excluding fixation)
Batch* loading every 2 h 31 minutes
5 mm Full batch* processed in 5 h 54 minutes
(excluding fixation)
Batch* loading every 3 h 34 minutes

Note: The above timing are referred to ethanol/isopropanol 2 layers protocols, excluding reagent movement.
* Up to 140 cassettes with 1 gallon containers and up to 210 cassettes with 5 liter reagent jars

Unmatched workflow options

Fully automated, single retort, rapid tissue processor

Day OperationsDay operations

As a fully automated, single retort, rapid tissue processor

Night OperationsNight operations

As a fully automated, single retort, overnight tissue processor

During the day, LOGOS One can run urgent biopsies in a short time as a fully automated unit. Molten wax is automatically transferred to and from the processing retort for the impregnation step. During the night, LOGOS One can run protocols as an advanced and resistant heated processor. Improved operations are carried out through xylene-free protocols with only four reagents: formalin, ethanol, isopropanol and wax. It also has an optional delayed start mode, with a desired completion time set by the user, to allow additional fixation time, if needed.

Sequential, dual retort, simultaneous batch tissue processor

An additionalunique feature...

Day OperationsDay operations enhanced

As a sequential, dual retort, continuous flow tissue processor

1. In the processing retort the first rack undergoes a fixation, a dehydration and a clearing phase.
2. At the end of the processing cycle, the rack is manually transferred to the wax retort.
3. A new rack is then manually placed in the processing retort. The two racks are processed simultaneously.

Less stressful workload distribution

Less stressful workload distribution

Throughout the day the histotech can process urgent and small biopsies on demand. These samples/biopsies, which can constitute 40-60% of the workload of a histopathology lab, are rapidly processed.
The short processing time allows embedding, cutting and staining of specimens so that the slides are available to the pathologist on the same day. The remaining cassettes can be automatically processed during the night.

Consistent high quality slides with Milestone processing

All types of specimens can be easily processed with the LOGOS One. Excellent quality results for H&E, Immunohistochemistry, FISH and molecular studies.









No reagent transfer to tanks

Save time

Save time

Direct transfer of solutions from commercial containers (5l / 1 US gal supplier bottles) into the processing retort. No need of filling tanks as required by conventional tissue processors.

Ultra protection for users safety

Ultra protection for users safety

Fully enclosed system with a twin extraction system of fumes at the retort opening. The slide-out reagent drawer is provided with an efficient ventilation/exhaust system.
No pouring, no fumes.

Error-free reagents replacement

Error-free reagents replacement

The Logos One reagent replacement is error-free thanks to a barcoding check system. When the container needs to be replaced, the operator can double-check the correctness of the reagent used and its positioning in the drawer. 1. Scan the barcode on the bottle to check the proper reagent. 2. Scan the barcode of the wall’s back label to check the correct position of the bottle.

Milestone reagents

MileWATCH: 24/7 Unit surveillance system

MileWATCH system

MileWATCH is a 24/7 units surveillance appliance that continuously monitors and controls Milestone units throughout day and night. Status Information are collected from units installed in both Operating Theaters and Pathology Laboratory. This, in turn, also helps having a better planning of the Laboratory daily work.

Compatible with existing Laboratory PC and Server, MileWATCH works without the need of an internet connection: all the related information is securely stored within the local LAN.

MileWATCH offers the possibility to create a unique samples’ Chain of Custody, from the Operation Theater, preserving evidence of the case ID, formalin ratio used , temperature and time of the transportation, until tissues have arrived to the Pathology Lab. Tissue processing protocol details and  nal storage information info will also be collected by MileWATCH and sent to local LIS (Laboratory Information System).

What sets us apart?


Remote monitoring

MileWATCH software provides extended instrument control from outside the laboratory with live view of the units screen. This allows the remote monitoring of every process status during night and day. An instant audio visual alert provides assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, all units are connected to server for a prompt transfer of process documentation. All documentation is related to the Patient-Case ID.

E-mail notification system

MileWATCH can be set to send live e-mail notification to the interested parties providing all the necessary information for a prompt action to assure trouble-free operations. Recipients can be customized based on notification type. At the end of the program, an e-mail automatically notifies mayor occurrences (events log and log file) to the service personnel and protocol status to the laboratory manager.

LIS integration

Accurate and precise process documentation can be automatically collected and directly transferred by interfacing MileWATCH to the LIS (Laboratory Information System) through the local LAN. It can be stored and retrieved, sorting by Case ID.

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Take a moment to consult our catalog to learn all the advantages of Milestone revolutionary LOGOS One Tissue Processor.


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