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High Performance with Quality Consumables

Running the lab efficiently is paramount for modern AP labs. Milestone has created a comprehensive range of solutions specially designed to simplify, expedite and make more productive the biospecimen journey. Milestone’s consumables address the needs in several steps of the process, from the formalin handling with the used of vacuum sealed bags and buckets, to the all-in-one tissue processing and embedding and to the wide selection of options to meet any sectioning requirements. They are meticulously crafted to guarantee the highest quality standards, ensuring seamless integration and reliability in laboratory workflows.
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  • Higher Quality
  • Higher Productivity
  • Faster Processes
  • Transportation and Storage
    Transportation and Storage
Vacuum Bags

Vacuum Bags

Vacuum Bags for Eliminating Formalin Exposure in the OR
Milestone presents a professional solution that acts as a formidable barrier against infective agents, undesirable odors, and toxic formalin fumes. These bags revolutionize the landscape of storage and tissue transportation, offering a space-saving alternative to traditional containers. The dual thermal sealing technology guarantees the reliability of the fixative seal, while the re-sealable design allows up to four uses with clearly marked sealing areas and cutting lines. On the bag, users can attach adhesive label, automatically printed by the TisseuSAFE or SealSAFE unit, displaying crucial information such as patient ID, date, time, specimen details, and fixative weight. Moreover, Milestone’s vacuum bags are environmentally conscience, being constructed from dioxin-free plastic, ensuring an eco-friendly disposal process.
Availability: 4 standard bags (S, M, L, XL) and 2 self-standing bags (S, L)

UltraSAFE Buckets

UltraSAFE Buckets

Innovative Patented Buckets for Sample Collection
UltraSAFE buckets are special containers equipped with a unique one-way valve, specifically designed to prevent the escape of formalin fumes during operation and to dispense formalin using UltraSAFE’s automatic injection nozzle. An additional valve cap seals the bucket for extra safety during transportation. On the bucket’s lid, a unique 2D barcode, associated with the biospecimen ID number, ensures biospecimen traceability. On the bucket, users can attach adhesive label, automatically printed by the UltraSAFE unit, displaying crucial information such as Case ID, date, time, specimen details, and fixative weight.
Availability: 500ml transparent; 1-3-5 L transparent/opaque; 10L opaque
Compatible with:



Safe Prefilled Formalin Containers for Biopsies
FormSAFE provides an excellent alternative to traditional prefilled containers when personnel are concerned with formalin exposure during collection, transport and storage. A second stratified fluid component floats above the formalin phase and acts as a protective floating shield, which prevents fixative fumes from escaping from the container. This concept of a multi-layered liquid container allows safe handling both to the endoscopist at sampling and to the histologist when preparing the cassette. The endoscopist can easily detach the specimen from the tweezers by immersing them in the liquid without being exposed to formalin vapors. The histologist can open the container and pick up the specimen without being exposed to the fumes.
Availability: box including n.50 of 60ml pre-filled containers
  • Microtomy


Microtome Stainless Steel Blades
Specimen sections require precision and consistency overtime. The new disposable DreamBLADES are specifically designed to be long-lasting and to provide reliable and consistent cuts of paraffin sections. Their production relies on plasma technology for excellent hardness and a unique polishing for superior cutting performance. DreamBLADES are available in low- and high-profile for Milestone microtomes as well as any other commercially available microtomes. DreamBLADES offer unique sharpness, consistency and durability.
Availability: Dispenser 50 pieces x 10
Compatible with:
  • Autoembedding
Synergy Kit

Synergy Kit

Kits for Processing Plus Embedding in One Step
Embedding represents one of the most critical bottlenecks in the histology workflow, as this time-consuming procedure needs to be carried out manually after the tissue processing step. Synergy’s autoembedding technology is a patented, innovative method to automatically embed tissues as part of the processing protocols. It eliminates the need to reopen the cassettes and reorient the tissues, as is necessary with manual embedding.
The dedicated rack and consumables in combination with Milestone tissue processors allow automatic embedding of up to 45 cassettes, regardless of the type of tissues and their dimensions. Tissue embedding quality can be furthered enhanced by the use of MileWAX paraffin.
Availability: pack of 1360 Molds and 1400 Pads for standard and biopsy
Compatible with Milestone tissue processors:

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