Vacuum Bags

Vacuum Bags for Formalin-Free Surgery Suites

Stand-up vacuum-sealed bags

Stand-up vacuum-sealed bags for both TissueSAFE Plus and SealSAFE vacuum units

A professional barrier against infective agents, undesired smells and toxic formalin fumes! Use a fraction of the storage space standard containers require. Milestone’s bags make storage and tissue transportation more cost effective and safer.

  • Dual thermal sealing ensures reliability in sealing the fixative in.
  • Vacuum sealing and auto dispensing using preset formalin ratios.
  • Re-sealable up to four times, economic reuse for additional specimen access and archival.
  • Made of dioxin-free plastic, the disposal of Milestone’s vacuum bags is environmentally-friendly.
  • Milestone’s vacuum systems and vacuum-sealed bags eliminate the risks of formalin handling.

Available in different sizes to suit individual requirements.

The Vacuum Bags – Unique Features

  • Double layered PA/PE, 135 microns in thickness guarantees greater mechanical flexibility and resistance to perforation. Available in six different dimensions, suitable for all specimen sizes.
  • Three sealing areas and cutting lines marked for multiple reuse.
  • Sealable document pouch provides security for patient information.
  • Automatically printed adhesive label contains: ID, date, time, specimen and fixative weight.
  • Self-standing expanding base.

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