Automatic Cassette Detecting System

Automated Biopsies Capturing

Pathology laboratories deal with thousands of biopsies everyday. Documenting their preparation is a time-consuming task and requires proper tools, which are normally not integrated into the process. The revolutionary C-Scan option for MacroPATH completely automatize this step ensuring a better workflow and superior traceability.

  • Automated process
  • Effortless operation
  • Enhanced traceability
  • Superior workflow
  • Designed for MacroPATH

C-Scan Workflow



The C-Scan option for MacroPATH enables effortless operation as it is always ready to use.

When receiving biopsies at grossing, the operator only needs to activate the C-Scan through the dedicated icon and place the cassette under the laser beam.


The C-Scan instantly reads the cassette’s code, creates the respective case ID folder and takes a picture at a preset zoom.

The direct and error-free association between the cassette’s code and its case ID offers superior traceability, thus providing the pathologist with crucial information for the diagnosis.

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