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Two innovative techniques are now available

1 PrestoCHILL paper embedding technique offers a safe and rapid solution to the difficult handling of delicate slivers of skin with the goal of accurately embedding these tissues to fully visualize the epidermis and its margins.
2 PrestoCHILL also offers an alternative technique with rings for those who prefer working with a wide -40C plate when ensuring margins adherence. This technique works seamlessly also with very challenging skin samples.

Milestone PrestoCHILL

What sets us apart?

The unique combination of the patented* face-down embedding technique, along with a state-of-the-art rapid Stirling cooling device at -40°C.”


  • Enhanced face-down technique for quick and consistent flattening of margins
  • Rapid transition from liquid to frozen phase at -40°C resulting in eliminating ice-crystal artifact
  • Quick slicing with the cryostat even with fatty tissues


  • 100% of tissue margins are achievable regardless of technician
  • Quality results regardless of sick days, vacations and limited time available for training with built-in consistency techniques
  • PrestoCHILL Best Operating Practices visual manual transforms any technician into a top performer
  • Easy and safe trimming: once trimmed through the blue paper disk, margins are ready to be sliced, no loss of tissue


  • Easy and consistent flattening of margins with enhanced face-down technique
  • Safe, dry operations with NO hazardous chemicals such as liquid nitrogen, CO2 and isopentane
  • Biological hazards contained with integrated Hepa filter

Quality of results: comparisons of outcomes

Pics above highlight the differences in the epidermis when freezing in the cryostat versus the PrestoCHILL. Pic on the left frozen in the cryostat has many white areas in the epidermis, which are blown out nuclei. You can also see that the collagen below the nuclei has some gaps and is not complete. The pic on the right where it was frozen using PrestoCHILL has fewer of those gaps and very few blown out nuclei and the collagen below the epidermis is more complete and preserved.

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Pics above compare the fat preservation during routine freezing and embedding in the cryostat versus the PrestoCHILL. As you can see in the cryostat pic on the left there is quite a bit of fat or adipose tissue fall out compared to the pic on the right where you have better preservation of the fat or adipose tissue frozen using the PrestoCHILL.

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In this final comparison you see major differences in the preservation of the sebaceous glands. Cryo pic shows distortion and fall out, whereas the PrestoCHILL pic shows the sebaceous gland completely intact, while also preserving the surrounding adipose tissue and collagen.

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Our mission is to reduce patient anxiety by providing pathologists with technologies for same-day diagnostic results

Today Milestone is proud to offer innovative solutions in six different fields: Pre-Analytical, Tissue Processing, Frozen Section, Digital Systems, Cytology and green Reagents. All products aim to Help Patients and to create a better laboratory environment for the medical staff of both the Anatomical Pathology and Surgical rooms. Milestone skilled group of professionals studies every new project, from the drawings to the final prototype, getting to the final stage in which the operating units are ready for the labs.


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