Most recent paper on Covid-19

Post‐mortem examination of COVID19 patients reveals diffuse alveolar damage with severe capillary congestion and variegated findings of lungs and other organs suggesting vascular dysfunction

T. Menter, J.D. Haslbauer, R. Nienhold, S. Savic, H. Hopfer, N. Deigendesch, S. Frank, D. Turek, N. Willi, H. Pargger, S. Bassetti, J.D. Leuppi, G. Cathomas, M. Tolnay, K.D. Mertz, A. Tzankov.

Abstract Aims: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19) caused by SARS‐CoV‐2 has rapidly evolved into a sweeping pandemic. While its major manifestation is in the respiratory tract, the general extent of organ involvement as well as microscopic changes in the lungs remain insufficiently characterised. Autopsies are essential to elucidate COVID‐19‐associated organ alterations.Methods: This study reports autopsy findings of 21 COVID‐19 patients hospitalised at the University Hospital Basel and at the Cantonal Hospital Baselland, Switzerland. An in‐corpore technique was performed to ensure optimal staff safety.


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