Scanner automatico per fiale e barattoli

Fast and Easy Specimen Accessioning

V-Tracker is an automatic tracking tool designed to simplify and expedite specimen accessioning. The system efficiently collects information from the specimen container, including barcodes, QR codes, and notes, and consolidates it into a single trackable image, ensuring comprehensive documentation of each specimen. All the acquired data can be easily reviewed with Milestone’s exclusive MileWATCH software, enabling seamless tracking of the specimen from the operating room to the anatomical pathology lab.

  • Automatic and Standardized Tracking
  • Complete Documentation
  • Easy Implementation
  • Smart User Interface
  • High Flexibility

Optimized Workflow

In just a few seconds, V-Tracker streamlines the specimen tracking process, ensuring incredible efficiency, user-friendliness and error operation.


360° scanning enables the capture of all codes on the specimen container. Furthermore, the system saves an image containing additional information, such as notes, ensuring complete traceability.

Smart User Interface

Once the scan has been completed, a user-friendly interface shows all the details and outlines the next steps.

When multiple codes are present, the master code is automatically prioritized, while other codes are recorded as secondary to maintain full traceability.

Workflow Flexibility

V-Tracker is a versatile system that allows labs to effectively manage and document a wide range of vials typically used for biopsies, small tissues, cytology samples, blood, and urine. Larger containers or buckets can be tracked via an external bar code reader (optional).

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