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An accurate control of all steps of the pre-analytical process is a pre-requisite for precise, reliable and consistent diagnostic assays. Recent publications (full compliance to ASCO/CAP recommendations for HER2 testing) have evidenced that standardization and documentation of the all important fixation steps will lead to improved I.H.C. assays.

Leaving the specimens in a container with formalin overnight at room temperature does fulfill the requirements for controlled fixation.

How many hours/minutes is overnight?
What is the temperature of the fixative?
Is stirring available for temperature homogeneity?
After how many cassettes is formalin substituted?
What kind of documentation is available?

Each Laboratory faces very specific problems in carrying out the fixation process. For this reason Milestone has developed a complete line of fixation devices (BASIC, PRO, ADVANCED) to allow optimization, standardization and full documentation of this process. All fixation devices accept the racks utilized by major tissue processor manufacturers.

Milestone FixSTATION 3RH

  A high capacity fixation device with a special stainless steel tank
  Automatic temperature control of the fixation reagent from room temperature to 50°C (122°F) to standardize protocols, independent from laboratory conditions
  Built-in stirring to improve the fixative flow over the surface of the biospecimens and to assure temperature homogeneity
  4” touch-screen, icon driven, control panel for intuitive, user-friendly operations
  Automatic time control from 1 minute to 99 hours
  USB port for full documentation of each protocol
  Reagent management through the control of the number of cassettes
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