DecalMATE: the Switzerland experience

24/07/2019 Case studies

Helping patients is a non-stop mission. Milestone continuously develops innovative systems with the goal of having the latest technology available for everyone. An example is DecalMATE, a tool dedicated to improving the turnaround time of bone and bone marrow samples. Milestone has also developed their proprietary MoL-DECALCIFIER; a decalcification solution developed to grant the best tissue morphology joined with unrivalled nucleic acid and protein retrieval. 

For the first time, an automatic procedure for fixation/decalcification of bone tissue is available for improved diagnostic quality, consistent results and faster turnaround time.  All of this was developed for the benefit of the patient, who is waiting for a prompt and accurate diagnosis.

A practical example of such service is the implementation of standardized, efficient and high-quality Fixation & Decalcification procedures for bone marrows in nr.6 Hematopathology University Hospitals Labs in Switzerland, for a total of 9 DecalMATE units for the benefit of a timely precise diagnosis to patients.

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