Application Advice

Application Advice

Consult our experienced Application Team

Milestone’s Application Team works in close contact with histotechnicians, pathologists, nurses and surgeons.
They are trained in the anatomical pathology techniques, such as grossing, processing, cutting, staining, decalcification of specimens for microscopic examination and disease diagnosis by the pathologists. They are experts in preparing tissues for frozen tissue sections, which are used to provide rapid diagnosis.

Milestone’s Application Team is used to work in a variety of fields, such as clinics, doctors’ offices, research centers, and forensic pathology labs. Many other sophisticated pre-analytical activities can be performed in our well-equipped laboratory!

Our facilities are also a perfect place for trainings, seminars, presentation, and practical test on our units with the assistance of our technicians.

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Because of the strategic importance of this area, Milestone has decided to invest in a complete relocation and renovation of the application laboratories. They are now located on the top floor of our building, with a dedicated area of 400 square meters to carry out this important activity and it is now completely dedicated to customer visits and training courses.

The histology laboratory has been equipped with all the instruments of our portfolio to show visitors our complete range of products during demonstrations. Adjacent to the main lab, there is a preparation laboratory where the other appliances, such as the microtome, the embedding stations and the staining reagents, necessary to complete the preparation of specimens.

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