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for high-quality frozen sections


Processor/Stainer for high-quality frozen sections

Need good results?Start with a good preparation

Need good results?
Start with a good preparation

The clinical laboratory relies heavily on the frozen section technique to provide intraoperative consultations when the surgeon requires a rapid diagnosis or immediate feedback relating to surgical margins.

Frozen sections provide a short turnaround time (15-20 minutes), but with the disadvantage of having lower diagnostic quality than paraffin sections due to cryoembedding artifacts and to the variability of staining protocols.
A major reason of lower quality versus a FFPE section is that frozen sections are only stained while FFPE sections are first processed (fixation + dehydration + clearing) and subsequently stained.

Total staining turnaround time

Total staining turnaround time

PRESTO is an innovative benchtop processor/stainer for high quality frozen sections. It features a standardized approach to first processing the slide, with FineFIX (a Milestone proprietary solution) followed by fully automated and programmable staining protocols. PRESTO improves morphology and the total staining turnaround time is of only 4 minutes.

This is how processing/staining should be:

  • Fast: 4 minutes for 6 slides
  • Fully automated
  • Fully downloadable documentation
  • Open staining reagent platform
  • Standardized staining results
  • Quality results, independent from the operator’s skills

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Check the quality of the frozen tissues obtained with the PRESTO method

Simple and Intuitive operations make everyone an expert

Step 1

Step 1

Position the slide rack over the FineFIX processing vessel
Step 2

Step 2

Close the cover
Step 3

Step 3

Step 4

Step 4

After 4 minutes, the slides are stained.
The slides are now ready for coverslipping and examination


The unique protocol of PRESTO

PRESTO is the unique combination of slide processing (Applied for an International patent) with fully programmable staining protocols.
A rack with up to 6 slides automatically follows these steps:

  • Step 1. Immersion in preheated FineFIX solution for fixation, dehydration and clearing in 60 seconds
  • Step 2. Source water rinsing
  • Step 3. Hematoxylin staining
  • Step 4. Acetic acid rinsing
  • Step 5. Eosin staining
  • Step 6. Ethanol rinsing
  • Step 7. Xylene

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Watch our video to discover the processing/staining the way it should be and how to improve morphology of your frozen sections.


Take a moment to consult our catalog to learn all the advantages of Milestone cutting-edge PRESTO Processor-Stainer.

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