The Innovators 2018

10/02/2019 Latest news

Pathologists around the world rely on frozen sections to provide intraoperative consultations when the surgeon requires a rapid diagnosis or immediate feedback with regards to surgical margins. Conventional frozen sections do indeed have a short turnaround time of approximately 15–20 minutes, but with big disadvantages: significantly lower diagnostic quality than paraffin sections because of artifacts and high variability/diversity in staining protocols.


Next generation frozen sections are here!


But here is a game-changer: the truly innovative PRESTO System by Milestone Srl, which makes it possible to produce frozen sections with permanent-like quality by combining the innovative and artifact-free freezing technique of the PrestoCHILL with the outstanding PRESTO PRO processing and staining unit. The face-down cryoembedding technique of the PrestoCHILL results in the fastest possible freezing (thus eliminating the formation of artifacts) by placing the sample directly on the -40°C metal surface.

The PRESTO PRO stainer, in turn, delivers reproducible, consistent, and high-quality results. Thanks to its continuous slide loading, it processes and stains with a very high throughput to increase efficiency in any laboratory. It can be set to run protocols according to specific laboratory requirements, uses a laboratory’s own staining reagents, and is highly adaptable to any special needs and requirements. PrestoCHILL and PRESTO PRO are both intended to run 24/7 without the need for cleaning cycles, minimizing regular downtime. And last, but not least, neither toxic nor dangerous reagents are used in the system, thus safeguarding the operator. The Presto system delivers next generation frozen sections: extremely fast results without compromising on quality – while creating a safer and healthier working environment.


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