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List of publications based on Milestone instrumentations/reagents.

Vacuum Preservation of Biospecimens - Tissue Safe

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    Poster, IEO European Institute of Oncology, Milan

Macro Digital Imaging - MacroPATH

  • F. Joel W-M Leong, A. S-Y Leong (2004),
    “Digital photography in anatomical pathology”,
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    Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, 32. Pp. 131-135


  • A. Leong,
    “Effects of Microwave Fixation and Decalcification in Rodent Tissue”,
    Pfizer Global Research & Development, La Jolla, CA.

Non Formalin Fixation - FineFIX

  • G. Stanta, S. Pozzi Mucelli, F. Petrera, S. Bonin and G. Bussolati (2006),
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  • GM Reynolds, BA O’Sullivan, J Junying, PP Taniere, NS Deshmukh (2005),
    “A formalin-free fixative, that provides superior preservation for molecular techniques”,
    Poster Presentation at IBMS meeting – Birmingham, UK

Tissue Processing

Histos KOS Pathos Delta
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Antigen Retrieval

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Electron Microscopy Process of Specimens - REM

  • J. A. Shröder (2008),
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Fixation - Formalin Fixation Gross Hardening

  • Ciara Barrett, Francesca Brett, David Grehan, and Micheal B. McDermott (2004),
    “Heat-Accelerated Fixation and Rapid Dissection of the Pediatric Brain at Autopsy: A Pragmatic Approach to the Difficulties of Organ Retention”,
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