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Pathos Delta Pathos Delta Pathos Delta Pathos Delta Pathos Delta

Pathos Delta
Hybrid tissue processor (microwave+conventional).
Fully automatic.

  • Dramatic time savings: 1-3 hours protocols
  • Throughput flexibility: 5-300 cassettes
  • 2-3 standard reagents only

Pathos DeltaThe Pathos Delta is the result of Milestone’s 13 years of know-how in applying microwaves to tissue processing.
The Pathos Delta provides the ideal combination of automatic processing performance, reagent efficiency and environmental sensitivity, with the morphology and quality histologists and pathologists expect.
The Pathos Delta can also operate as a conventional overnight tissue processor. Its parameters can be set to fit your specific workflow requirements or to fulfill all CAP/ASCO guidelines for assessing Her-2 and all Consensus Recommendations for ER testing in breast tissues.

The freedom to process according to your needs

  • Any type of specimen from 1 mm to 10 mm in thickness
  • Up to 300 standard cassettes or up to 24 supermega cassettes
  • Whole mount tissue slices (prostate/breast)
  • Formalin or formalin-free fixation
  • Xylene or xylene-free clearing
  • Conventional sequence of reagents or just ethanol/isopropanol
  • Open system. No proprietary reagents required
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