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The first all-in-one rapid tissue processor.
The ideal tool for the "lean" lab.

  • Rapid, fully automated single retort
  • Rapid, simultaneous dual retort
  • State-of-the-art resistance heating

unitThe Logos One is able to carry out rapid protocols with 1 step of ethanol and 1 step of isopropanol only, thanks to its advanced processing retort heating system. The resistive heating elements, built in the aluminium retort walls, ensure a fast and homogeneous temperature increase of the reagents, to the pre-set processing values.
The diffusion of the reagent is guaranteed by an high efficient magnetic stirrer bar at the bottom of the retort, thus ensuring the optimal execution of the dedicated processing protocols in all cassette rack positions.

Throughout the day the histotech can process urgent and small biopsies, on demand. These samples/biopsies, which can constitute 40-60% of the workload of a histopathology lab, are rapidly processed. The short processing time allows embedding, cutting and staining of specimens so that slides are available to the pathologist on the same day. The remaining cassettes can be automatically processed during the night.

Addressing the needs of “lean” labs for a flexible tissue processor.
Highly adaptable to customized workflow streams.

  • Fully automated processing in overnight and rapid mode
  • Parallel processing in continuous flexible-size batch mode
  • Up to 140 cassettes with 1 gallon standard reagent containers
  • Up to 210/300 cassettes with 5 liter reagent containers
  • Any type of tissue, up to 6 mm thickness
  • Unmatched processing times
  • Green, safe and economical: no transfer of reagents to tanks
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