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MacroPATH pro MacroPATH pro MacroPATH pro MacroPATH pro MacroPATH pro MacroPATH pro

MacroPATH pro
A new innovative tool for macro digital imaging acquisition

  • Improve efficiency by reducing manual intervention.
  • Easy to adopt and train new personnel.
  • Quickly transfer patient case images into your system of choice.
  • Save time while standardizing file organization and naming.
  • Enables flexibility in camera positioning.

MacroPATH proWith a superior quality camera, improved specifications and built-in LED illuminator, the MacroPATH pro is the ideal solution for high quality photography of gross specimens.
The user oriented system enables quick and easy capture, annotation and storage of images for diagnostic support, scientific publications, teaching purposes and research documentation. Users can augment their patient image cases with video and audio capabilities included with the system. The MacroPATH pro camera allows flexibility for installation in all working conditions.
Grossing stations, photographic stands, dissection tables, and ventilation hoods are all supported platforms. In addition, our standalone system with its uniquely designed ergonomic stand is a great solution for laboratories with space constraints.

High resolution picture
10 x optical zoom with auto-iris and auto-focus with resolution up to 10 Mpixels, 15 fps. Complete with +1, +2 and +4 close up lenses the camera is splash resistant with built-in LED illuminator. Adjustable white balance.

Waterproof control terminal
Point-of-care (POC) Control Terminal 17” TFT 1280X1024 with touch screen control terminal.
Spill and dust resistant front panel IP 65 - NEMA 4 complaint.

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